Wednesday, August 17, 2011

POPped Review: 'Voltron: The Legend Begins'

There are certain cartoons that will always take you back to pleasant memories of your childhood. For me, Voltron is one of those.  Loving all things sci-fi, the idea of a giant robot made of mechanical lions that defended the universe was awesome to me.  Thanks to Classic Media and World Events Productions we can now take a little journey back in time with the DVD release of Voltron: The Legend Begins.

Voltron: The Legend Begins brings us the first seven episodes of the series taking us back to the beginning.  To be honest, I had forgotten the origin story of Voltron.  In my mind I just remembered that Voltron fought other big creatures and robots.  This refreshes your memory and re-introduces us to Keith, Lance, Sven, Hunk, Pidge and Princess Allura.  Through a series of events while protecting the planet Alura against King Zarkon, they end up bringing Voltron back in to action.  

While it's nostalgia that has us coming back to Voltron, reality makes us aware that the series was put together from other Japanese animated series (Beast King GoLion and Armored Fleet Dairugger XV) it's interesting to pick up on the different clips.  Usually you can spot it by the outfits Voltron Force wears changing frequently during scenes.  And keep your eye out in episode one of a nuclear war being glossed over with, "Things don't look so good."         

While the DVD has these first seven episodes, the extra's are not that extensive.  'Voltron 101' is a very quick breakdown of the key elements of the series.  'The Voltron Art Slide Show' has some interesting interpretations of the characters from fans.  There is also a sizzle reel of the new animated series Voltron Force.

Let's be honest, it's rare for most of the things we loved as a kid to truly hold up to the test of time. It's our fond memories for the excitement that made it so special.  Plus, a giant robot made by mechanical lions is still pretty damn cool.  That's why the legend of Voltron continues today.  That's why the toy is still popular.  That's why the image of Voltron wielding his blazing sword still resonates with fanboys of all ages.  

If you want to re-live those moments, I recommend that you get Voltron: The Legend Begins on DVD.  It will also prepare you for the live action movie that was announced at Comic-Con.

What say you?

Review POPpd by
Jungle Jesse

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