Saturday, August 6, 2011

Peniche Fashion Looks To Start A "Beautiful Rebellion"

If there's one thing people associate with us at POParitaville, it's fashion.  Okay, you can stop laughing now.  In reality, there are some members of the POP Patrol that could tell us what's hot on the runways right now; And others of us wonder which Star Wars hoodie is okay to be warn to a party.  

Perhaps it's that attitude that has drawn the attention of the team at Peniche Fashion to POParitaville.  We're comfortable with who we are, and we're open to anything new.  Over the past year we've have had a great relationship with designer Tony Dimitri (see previous interviews here).  When I was told what his tag line was for his upcoming line, I loved it.  "Beauty Rebellion"  Immediately in my mind I visions of the Rebel Alliance from Star Wars, and the human resistance in The Terminator.  

*Warning - Do not proceed if you don't like pretty girls in their undies or model dudes in nothing.*

According to Peniche Fashion:

This "Beautiful Rebellion" symbolizes what we all want but are often hesitant to voice, confidently breaking down your own walls and finding significance through true individualism. PENICHE's "Beautiful Rebellion" is littered with sex, anger, love and violence while continuously displaying hope and confidence. The "Beautiful Rebellion" has no intended ending because it is not about the destruction of anything but rather about the continuous process of escalation.

The new commercial from Peniche Fashion gives a little nod to this idea of, "continuous process of escalation."


See...something for everyone.

Peniche Fashion will be launching their fall line soon.  You can see the items when they're released by following them online: 

If The POP Patrol ever makes it's way to Astoria to go on a Goonies adventure, we'll definitely be stopping by Peniche Fashion to see if they'll make us a very fashionable hoodie.

What say you?

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  1. What about a Third interview? You can catch Tony and Kari Ann at and TONY@TONYPENICHE.COM