Thursday, August 18, 2011

HP Drops The TouchPad As Quick As Someone Returning A TouchPad

Over that past few weeks HP has been hitting us in the face with their TouchPad commercials.  From Russell Brand to Lea Michele hiding behind their faces behind the TouchPad while sliding through apps, it's been a constant barrage of hearing, "Let me, entertain you."  

As of today, you won't be seeing those commercials anymore.  HP is not just killing the ad campaign.  As of today they have killed the TouchPad.

There had been much speculation about the fate of the TouchPad this week as word came out that Best Buy was looking to return 200 thousand unsold units to HP.  I really hope that Best Buy kept their receipt.  I've tried returning something to Best Buy without  

HP has yet to comment on if they will do anything for consumers who bought a TouchPad.  You know, since nobody will be developing anything for it anymore.  It would be like buying a car and then being told that they will no longer be making tires for your model.            

It won't only be the TouchPad going away.  HP is dropping all of their devices that run webOS.  That doesn't mean that webOS is going away.  According to VP Richard Kerris, "#HPwebOS is an awesome software platform and now we can explore the best hardware partner for it."

Whatever is decided, this looks like it's going to be a big headache over the next few weeks as HP figures out what to with all the TouchPads out there.  Perhaps they can send them somewhere with all of the unused NBA/NFL/MBL Champ shirts and hats that are printed for the team that loses.  

What say you?

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