Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Going to the D23 Expo? Be sure to hide your phone

Disney made it clear with Comic-Con this year that they are going to start holding Marvel hostage for their D23 Expo.  So the studio presentations this coming Saturday are sure to be the top priority for most attendees, especially media.  Most have been planning on tweeting live coverage from the presentation. Well, I hope you are able to tweet telepathically.  

Here is the notice that has been sent out from Disney to media attending:

Will cell phones, camera, laptops, and other recording devices be allowed at the Expo? 
Cell phones, cameras, laptops, and any/all recording devices will be allowed in all panels and presentations EXCEPT the Walt Disney Studios Arena presentation on Saturday, August 20. Due to the exclusive nature of the material being presented, all recording devices including, but not limited to, cell phones, cameras, and laptops WILL BE COLLECTED PRIOR TO ENTRY. Please be aware that ALL guests will be asked to check electronic devices prior to entering the Arena. We understand that this may cause some delay and truly appreciate your cooperation and understanding. The D23 Expo reserves the right to revoke the credentials of anyone in violation of this policy. Violators will be subject to removal from the Arena for any suspicion or use of mobile phone or recording devices. In addition, there will be no photography or videography permitted inside Treasures of the Walt Disney Archives, but guests will not need to check their devices before entering the exhibit.

Some of you may thinking that this only applies to media.  Nope.  It clearly states that ALL guests will be asked to check their devices.  As we found out while asking around about this, regular attendees have had to turn in their phones in the past.  For those of you thinking that you'll just hide your devices, be careful.  If you are caught violating their rules Disney will have no problem making an example of you.  That includes escorting you off site and taking away your pass.  

The POP Patrol will be at D23 and we have a few secrets up our sleeve.

What say you?

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  1. It does say ONLY the 20th in the Arena, not the whole weekend and all exhibits. I hope... @WDWdads on Twitter

  2. Right. We do know that photos will also not be allowed in the Walt Disney Archives exhibit the entire time. We understand them not wanting photos, or video, shot and leaked. But to not even be able to shoot out messages about what's being announced is very crazy. We would also like to know what sort of security guarantee will be place for items being checked in. Will they replace the iPhone/iPad/Blackberry that turns up missing at the check-in?