Monday, August 15, 2011

'Doctor Who' Prequel Gets Fans Ready For The Second Half Of Season 6

It has been a long summer for Doctor Who fans.  Luckily the next premiere is coming up on August 27.  Before we get there, we have been treated to a great prequel to set up what is at stake over the next few episodes.

Take the jump, but beware of spoilers if you haven't seen any of season 6.

*More Possible Spoilers*

It seems that Matt Smith may be ending his reign as The Doctor soon, or at least see the last episodes of he and his companion (Amy), and his companion's companion (Rory).  Stories and rumors have been leaking over the past couple of weeks about this taking place.  The shows creators will neither confirm nor deny this.  

Everything that has led up to this portion of the season, including the prequel, seem to lend to the idea that the end is near.  Their tag for the next portion of the season is 'Time runs out' and features a skeleton hand holding The Doctor's sonic screwdriver.

Who does time run out for?  Is that the Doctor's hand, is it River's hand, is it John Connor's hand...whose damn hand is that?!?!  These are the things that make the mind wander and prompts fans to wake up in a cold sweat.  (Just me?)  

We'll find all of this out when the next half of Doctor Who's season 6 starts with 'Let's Kill Hitler' on August 27.

What say you?

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