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Photo courtesy of Discovery Channel
Our good friends over at Discovery Channel have given us a preview of their new four-part series Dinosaur Revolution.  This new series promises dinosaurs like you've never seen them before - combining the artistic and storytelling talents of the world's most renowned dinosaur illustrators with the most up-to-date discoveries about dinosaurs, their culture and behaviors.

In the first episode ("Evolution's Winners"), the series puts forth the theory that most of our established beliefs of dinosaurs as sluggish reptiles is wrong.  Remember Jurassic Park, and Dr. Alan Grant's theory that dinos were more like birds?  That's the narrative Dinosaur Revolution presents.  And as such, the dinosaurs are far more active, complex and colorful than ever imagined.

Photo courtesy of Discovery Channel
Speaking of colorful, the dinosaurs in the series are vividly illustrated by some of the best in the business - including Dave Krentz (Disney's Dinosaur, John Carter of Mars), Ricardo Delgado (Dark Horse Comics' Age of Reptiles), Iain McCaig (Star Wars Ep. 1, 2, 3) and Pete Von Sholly (The Mask, Darkman).  These masters re-create dinosaurs that are full of character, odd beauty, and believe it or not, pathos.  In the second episode ("The Watering Hole"), a young Allosaurus suffers a shattered jaw from a giant Dinheirosaurus - a plant-eater with a tail like a 35-foot long bullwhip.  Subsequently left by his mother to die, I actually had that same feeling when the Ewok in Jedi taps his fallen friend during the battle on Endor, only to find he isn't so much alive anymore (yeah, I'm a bit of a geek).  But the Allosaur survives to fight another day!

Photo courtesy of Discovery Channel
Executive produced by award-winning producer Erik Nelson (Cave of Forgotten Dreams, Grizzly Man), the storytelling is dramatic, gripping and humorous - told via colorful vignettes and minimal narration.

Dinosaur Revolution makes its world premiere on Discovery Channel Sunday, September 4 and Sunday, September 11 from 9-11PM EST/PST each night.

~POPped from a Land Before Time by RabbiMarauder

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