Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Voltron Wants To Give You Stuff!

As we get closer to Comic-Con, studios are revealing more and more about their plans.  One of things they love to do is give out stuff.  To celebrate Voltron's first appearance at Comic-Con there will a scavenger hunt taking place.  It is called "The Hunt to Form Voltron."

Here are the game details from the press release:

The scavenger hunt will take place July 21 to July 23 in the area surrounding the convention center.  Participants will play using their smartphones on a mission to find the five Voltron lion standees and their corresponding QR codes. At each standee, players will receive an exclusive button and a chance to win a variety of collectible prizes from THQ, Mattel, WEP, Viz Media and Classic Media including: a 92-inch flat screen Mitsubishi television, an Xbox 360 console, classic Voltron action figures, Voltron retro
t-shirts, DVDs and more.

Keep your eye out for the QR codes and the lions.  You might find yourself leaving with a sweet 92-inch flat screen.  That should fit in the huge Comic-Con/Warner Bros. bags you'll get.

Besides the scavenger hunt, there will also be a Voltron panel taking place as well.  This will take place in the Indigo Ballroom at the Bayfront Hilton Hotel from 6:00pm-7:00pm.  The Voltron panel will be hosted by one of our favorite lady geeks, Carrie Keagan. (VH1's Morning Buzz Live, No Good TV, Attack of the Show, Reno 911)  They have also lined up people from all areas of Voltron popularity to be a part of the panel.

·         From THQ, Adam Affrunti, producer;
·         From World Events Productions, Jeremy Corray, Voltron Force supervising producer, and Todd Garfield, Voltron Force story editor;
·         From Nicktoons, Keith Dawkins, senior vice president and general manager of Nicktoons;
·         From Mattel, Steed Sun, entertainment brands design director, Michael Montalvo, entertainment brands design manager, and Brandon Sopinsky, entertainment brands designer;
·         From Dynamite Entertainment, Joe Rybandt, editor, and Brandon Thomas, Voltron comic book writer;
·         From VIZ Media, Traci Todd, senior editor, and Jacob Chabot, cartoonist and illustrator for VIZ Media graphic novels

Giant robots and Carrie's huge...sense of humor should make this a very fun event.  Be sure to get there early for a good seat.

We will have the chance to interview everyone before the panel, so stay tuned for that coverage.

What say you?

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