Monday, July 18, 2011

EXCLUSIVE: U2 Plays For 20 People in St. Louis...Sort Of

How many times have you found yourself walking the streets of St. Louis when you happen upon a U2 concert? All the time, right? Luckily I had my handy video capturing device to show the scene.

Here is exclusive video from last night's U2 360 concert in St. Louis, Missouri. Guaranteed nobody else has this angle on the show.

This was shot at the corner of Walnut and Broadway in downtown St. Louis. Ok, outside Busch Stadium, but we could hear just fine. And so could about 20 fellow U2 fans.

It was a nice bonus to a fun day.

Oh, here's what it looked like from the Arch.

POPped on location in St. Louis 
by ReevesReel

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