Friday, July 22, 2011

Stan Lee Lives It Up At Comic-Con!

Photos by J. Hutchinson

JeffroGee here.

Last night Comikaze Expo, Geekscape and Ghost Ship teamed up with POW! Entertainment and saw the likes of Comic-Con holy man Stan Lee happily posing for photos. The party could also find Laker legend Rick Fox and Mistress of the Dark herself ELVIRA hanging with fans. The cast of The Guild and many others wandered and Comic-Con attendees left happy.

This event was not only for a good time, but also was to help promote the upcoming Comikaze Expo in November.  Click on the ads here to find out more information about it and to buy your tickets.

Former Lakers Star Rick Fox joins Stan Lee for some fun.
Photo: J. Hutchinson


  1. Comikaze looks better and better! I cant believe they hooked up with Ghost ship. That combined with stan lee makes for AMAZING dreams coming true!

  2. The folks at Comikaze Expo are fan-f'n-tastic! When they told us about Ghost Ship, we were very intrigued by the idea of it. And you just can't go wrong with a blessing from Stan Lee. We're looking forward to everything.