Saturday, July 30, 2011

Set Videos Of 'The Dark Knight Rises' Includes 'Bane'

Ever since production on The Dark Knight Rises started, fans have been staking locations out to try and see what's going on (like here).  Well YouTube-er Subaruwrxfan has scooped everyone with some great set videos taken on location in Pittsburgh.  Take the jump to see the footage.  

*Possible spoilers*

It started with just some great close-ups of the Batmobile, with a new paint scheme.

Then he got a great shot of a small explosion taking place.

Then something really odd, and pretty cool.  A wedding was taking place near the location and the bride and groom were allowed to get up close to the Batmobile.

From there, it's great footage of Tom Hardy as 'Bane' standing on top of the Batmobile.  

The money shot for fans will be the fist look at 'Bane' without the coat and all juiced up.

It is interesting that he's standing on top of the Batmobile during his speech.  Did he steal it?  Does he get his own?  Was he just being rude to Batman?  Was he double-parked?  We'll find out next year when The Dark Knight Rises hits theatres.

What say you?

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Source:  Subaruwrxfan


  1. Considering they're all Tumblers, with the paint jobs that we first saw it with at Wayne Industries in BB... I'm going to go with... it's not actually the Batmobile.

  2. You're probably right. We just want one.