Friday, July 8, 2011

Is George Lucas Planning 'Star Wars' Webisodes?

This is the the first I'm hearing about new Star Wars websiodes, and it's very possible that we're not supposed to know about this yet.  An interesting tweet went out today from actor Matt Angel (My Super Psycho Sweet 16 2, Raising The Bar, VicTORious).  Take a look:

WHAT THE WHAT???  Young Luke Skywalker...Star Wars....Webisode....Star Wars....AHHHHHHH!!!  

Okay, now that we've calmed down a bit, let's discuss this.  Could there really be some new Star Wars webisodes that we don't know about?  Yes.  Could they have to do with a young Luke Skywalker?  Possibly.  Could he have been teasing about who his character is?  Perhaps.  We won't really know much until official word comes out from Mr. Lucas.  This could all even just be a film experiment that will never be seen.  With Lucas you never know. 

We have tried investigating to find out more and can't uncover any details on it.  Stay tuned for more information as it becomes available.  

What say you?

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