Friday, July 8, 2011

Hard Candy and Gumdrop Cases Introduce New Cases For Your Macbook and iPad

People are taking their iPads and Macbooks with them where ever they go, but that can be dangerous.  Outside of the possibility of theft, there is also the chance of damage happening to it as well.  Hard Candy and Gumdrop are doing their best to help protect your very pretty Macbook Air and iPad 2.  They are also making your gadgets look good.  

First let's take a look at a case for the Macbook Air.

Candy Convertible Macbook Air 11" Case - White Collection

This is similiar in specs as the previous Macbook Air Convertible case we reviewed.  This particular one is from their White Collection.  This case is definitely meant more for the person looking for something a little more stylish for their Macbook.  The faux-nubuck gives the case a very upscale look.  It's something that would be great in an executive setting.  

With this case, Hard Candy has turned your Macbook Air in to a fashion accessory.  

It is available in an 11" and 13" model for $49.95 at

What do they have for your iPad?

White Bubble Sleeve

First up is the White Bubble Sleeve from Hard Candy Cases.  This is another product that turns your item in to a fashion accessory.  The look of the Bubble Sleeve will turn heads, but it does make it difficult to use your iPad in an every day sort of way.  

While the rubber bumpers inside the Bubble Sleeve are perfect for keeping you iPad secure from sliding around, the exterior design is a bit cumbersome when you're just sitting at home using your iPad.  You'll find yourself taking your iPad out to use it around the house.  

The iPad Bubble Sleeve works well if you are in need of safe transport for your iPad.  That, after all, is something every iPad owner wants.  

The Bubble Sleeve from Hard Candy Cases fits the iPad 1 and 2.  It is available for $49.95 on the Hard Candy web site.

Drop Series

This Drop Series from Gumdrop Cases has the durability to keep your iPad 2 safe if you drop it.  The rubber exterior and layers for shock absorption give it a sturdy feel.  It's slightly larger than a simple rubber case, but the design makes gripping it comfortable.  The added size doesn't increase the weight by too much.  While noticeable, it's not significant enough to make it an issue unless you're holding it upright for an extended period of time.

The Drop Series also comes with a protective screen.  This, along with the layering, helps to keep your screen protected should you drop your iPad.  

When I took the case out of the packaging I realized that I didn't know how to get it apart to get the iPad inside.  After some investigation I found the trick.  Pull away the rubber from the framing and you'll see it actually locks in, which will ensure that it doesn't peel away during regular use.

While not as fashionable as the White Collection from Hard Candy Cases, the Drop Series does allow you come color options.  My favorite is the black with red trim.  It is also available in solid colors (white, black and pink).  It also earns points for being tough without being the size, or weight, of a tank.

The Drop Series from Gumdrop Cases is available for $59.95 on the Gumdrop Cases website.

There you have it.  Some good options for you to help protect your new gadgets.  

What say you?

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  1. Does the bubble sleeve come in any other colors? I really don't want the color to clash with all the macbook pro sticker decals I put on my macbook.