Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Could Fox's 'Breaking In' Be Coming Back?

The 'Breaking In' cast at Wonder Con 2011

I was disappointed when Fox did not have Breaking In on their schedule for the fall season.  It started off slow, but started gaining momentum as it went along.  It was a great cast and the story lines were lots of fun.  It also would have been fun to see them at Comic-Con considering they had a Comic-Con themed episode.

Today brings word that all hope may not be lost for the show.  Deadline reports that the contract options for the shows actors have been picked up until November 15th.  This means that Fox could still be looking at shooting additional episodes for a mid-season replacement. 

It could also just be that they need to pick up their contracts for accounting reasons.  

We'll let you know if Fox releases any more informa....wait a second!  The show is about Contra Costa Security breaking in to places using wits and high tech gadgets.  This past weekend the Fox News Politics Twitter account gets hacked just a couple of days before we hear that their contracts were picked up.  Coincidence?  Well played Contra Costa Security.  Well played.

What say you?

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Source: Deadline

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