Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Comic-Con Preview: The Spider is Unleashed

Hello from the Whale's Vagina!

The weather is beautiful in San Diego. While our Fearless Leader is still stuck in traffic, I thought I'd post a quick hello from the Mecca of Nerdom that is Comic-Con.

We have a lot of coverage planned for you to make up for our lack of recent news. It's a full schedule for the next five days; I brought some new photography equipment, so we hope to get some great photos posted asap.

Speaking of great photos, above is the newly released first look at The Amazing Spider-Man. A nice present from Sony on Comic-Con Eve. Just a taste of what Spidey will look like in the suit (after all it is just a teaser, and doesn't release until next Summer), but we've seen the photo anyway. Personally, I think it looks great; it will be nice to get back into this story after the abomination that was the last film in the franchise.

~POPped from a Holiday Inn restaurant 
by RabbiMarauder

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