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Day One of the San Diego Comic-Con has officially begun! The geek Mecca happily opened its doors to throngs of costumed crowds today issuing in another season of wanderlust for all things pop culture. Whether you are after sparkling vampires, sword wielding warriors or caped super heroes is no matter as there is something for everyone at this convention.

photo:  J. Hutchinson
There are lots of outdoor promo events at Comic-Con 2011 promoting free happy hours, tee shirts, and even Slurpees! A line of over a hundred extended out of a local 7-11 convenient store early this morning for tickets to the highly anticipated Cowboys & Aliens premiere. Fans who were told they had no chance still waited in line with smug expressions and hopeful hearts.

A parking lot transformed into a party saw Hugh Jackman hyping his film Real Steel with a microphone and a big smile. Jackman screamed at the crowd from the back of a truck telling fans,"I have said this again and again but the reason why I come back to Comic-Con is for you guys! The fans are what made X-Men a great experience and it’s you guys that make me feel great to be here with another fantastic film!"  Jackman then threw shirts at the crowd looking as though he were having a blast!

Photo:  J. Hutchinson
Photo:  J.  Hutchinson
Fans of South Park were treated to a full on fan experience at 1st street with a grand prix race, karaoke, and a parade. The outdoor venue offered a chance to win tickets to The Book Of Mormon musical and pictures even face painting with your favorite South Park characters. All while memorable South Park music boomed out of speakers.

Photo: J. Hutchinson
Photo: J. Hutchinson

I entered the convention to find an expectedly busy exhibition floor. With so many not involved in panels at Hall H, the fan base was left to move about. Everyone carrying their human sized bags with markings of FRINGE or Warner Bros emblazoned onto the side. A moshpit of fans all moving in odd directions, I overheard one patron screaming,” I am claustrophobic! Help!” While another retorted, “If you’re claustrophobic…then you need to LEAVE!”

Photo: J. Hutchinson

The new Napoleon Dynamite cartoon was being promoted with stars Jon Heder and Tina Majorino signing autographs at a booth while security guards yelled at fans to stop looking at them.

Photo: J. Hutchinson
And this is hour one of Comic-Con. Just wandering for a brief bit of time can offer all of this madness and geek fun for any who attend. Despite the packed crowds and long lines…there are rewards at the end of the tunnel for all who put up a fight.

The POP Patrol interviews South Park fans.
Photo: J. Hutchinson

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