Monday, July 25, 2011

Comic-Con 2011: Cirque du Soleil Bring 'Kà' To The Gaslamp

Credit: POParitaville
On opening night of Comic-Con, the magicians of Cirque du Soleil brought a scene from their hit Las Vegas show 'Kà' to San Diego.  Setting up shop on the outside of Petco Park, a large crowd gathered to watch.

It was no easy task to bring the show outside.  (See our previous story about this.)  It was proved that night with delays to starting the show and a technical glitch happening once the show began.

Once everything got moving, the crowd was treated to a version of the batlle scene from 'Kà' not done anywhere before.

The performance opened with an abbreviated telling of the shows story line via an animated comic book.  Once that was done live performers - mixed with filmed performers - took to the Petco Park wall to wow San Diego.

Credit: POParitaville

Credit: POParitaville
Credit: POParitaville
Credit: POParitaville

But those are just pictures.  What did the performance actually look like?  Luckily we were escorted to the press area to shoot video as well.  While we get our view cut together, here is Cirque's B-roll that they shot:

For more information on 'Kà' from Cirque du Soleil, please visit the official website.

Thank you to the Cirque du Soleil team for hosting The POP Patrol at this unique experience.

What say you?

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