Friday, June 10, 2011

New Trailer For 'Larry Crowne' Starring Tom Hanks And Julia Roberts

Today on Twitter Tom Hanks premiered the newest trailer for his upcoming movie Larry Crowne.  This looks like just a good time at the movies.

Wow.  No explosions, no car chases, no heavy bass song to try and get you pumped.  Just a simple comedy that looks entertaining.  I'm sold.  

Believe it or not, Larry Crowne is only the second feature that Tom Hanks has directed.  His first was That Thing You Do, which I absolutely adore.  Knowing that he is behind the lens on this one as well has me jazzed about seeing it.  

Hopefully others will be seeing Larry Crowne because it's going to be a tough opening.  Why?  It opens on July 1st, which is just a couple of days after Transformers: Dark of the Moon.  This could be great counter programming on their part, but they haven't even stepped up on television ads yet.  Raise your hand if you already knew that Larry Crowne opened on July 1st.  Anyone?

Oh well, at least Tom is pushing it on Twitter.   

What say you?

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