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UPDATED: 'Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol' Trailer Up - No Translation Needed

This past weekend we posted the French trailer that was leaked on the interwebs for Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol.  There was a pretty close translation for that version, but most of us can't be bothered to read and watch.  Well, worry no longer my fellow English speaking bretheren.  There is a new version up.

Take the jump to see Tom Cruise in all his Cruise-iness.

This trailer for Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol leaked online this weekend.  But it didn't do a whole lot of good to us because it's in French.  Not that the dialogue in a Tom Cruise movie is that important, but we do want to know what's happening.  

Luckily the good people at Get The Big Picture are from Montreal and took a stab at translating.  Take the jump to watch the leaked trailer - and read the translation - before it gets pulled down.  

GTBP Translation:

Tom Wilkinson: “It’s been one hour since a bomb blew up the Kremlin.The President has initiated the Ghost Protocol.
All Mission impossible teams were let go.
I have orders to bring you to Washington where you’ll be condemned for the Kremlin. Unless you escape, you will be witnesses.
If either one of you gets caught, you’ll be accused of terrorism for starting a nuclear world war.
Tom Cruise: “What’s going to happen now?
Tom Wilkinson: “Your mission, if you’ll accept it…
Paula Patton: “What’s the plan?
Tom Cruise: “Who really are you Brendt?
Jeremy Renner:  “We all have secrets, don’t we Ethan?
Simon Pegg: “Remember, blue is hooked in.
Tom: “When its red?
Simon: “Not hooked in.
Guy Who Looks like Jeremy Renner (I’m assuming, sorry guys) : ”You won’t make it!
Tom Cruise [ironically]: “That’s helpful.

I don't speak a word of French, so this translation could be wrong.  As far as I know this movie is about a gymnast who wants to defect to Dubai.

I can't say that I'm excited to see this movie, but I do look forward to more of Simon Pegg.  No matter what he's in, he is always worth the price of admission.

We'll have a better version of the trailer for you in a couple of days.

What say you?

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