Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Hugh Hefner Makes A Change To The Playboy Issue On Stands This Friday

Anyone who knows us knows that we are fans of Playboy for a myriad of reasons.  (Yes, even our lady writers.)  We try to avoid posting tabloid news here, which is why we did not post anything about the sudden break-up of Hugh and his fiancee Crystal.  We posted the news via Twitter, but that was it.  

This Friday the latest issue of Playboy was announcing the new Mrs. Hefner on the cover.  The cover will still feature Crystal on it because it had already gone to print.  So Hef decided he should at least make a change to correct it.  

This comes directly from Playboy.  It's mostly SFW.

Due to recent events, Hugh Hefner decided to add a special sticker to the July issue's cover. Check it out here and find it on newsstands this week!

That's pretty funny.  

I have to admire the guy.  No matter what you think of the guy, or Playboy, to have something this personal become so public and still have a sense of humor is pretty awesome.   

What say you?

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