Sunday, June 12, 2011

Happy 30th Anniversary 'Raiders of the Lost Ark'

30 years ago the world was introduced to an archaeologist named Indiana Jones.  It was 1981 and I was taken to the movies by my older brother.  I had no idea what we were seeing, all I knew was that it was from the same guys responsible for Jaws and Star Wars.  That was good enough for me.  

It was also good enough for millions more.  Raiders of the Lost Ark became the highest grossing movie of 1981 and gave us a brand new hero that others would try to copy.  Indiana was a nerd that did extraordinary things that most people in his life would never know about.  It was the type of adventure that any of us would love to go on.  It's an adventure that is timeless.      

We connected with a hero that knew the difference between right and wrong.  He was the kind of person that was loyal to his friends that were loyal to him.  He wanted nothing more than to have people share his love of the history that he chased after

Raiders of the Lost Ark has given us some of the most iconic moments in movie history, and that's in the opening scene alone.  Indy switching the idol for dirt, the wall shooting poison darts, and of course the giant boulder chasing him down.  None if it was born out of someone planning for it to be so memorable.  It was all organic to a great movie.   

There was another element that helped take the movie to another level, and has in its own right become an icon.  That's the 'Raiders March' by John Williams.  It's a music piece that when you hear the opening horns you immediately have movie scenes playing in your mind.  When you put that music together with a movie that hits everything right, it's an experience that every movie director hopes to achieve.

For 30 years Raiders of the Lost Ark has been one of the most beloved movies by movie fans of all kinds.  Indiana Jones came in to our lives before technical revolutions would change the face of movies.  It's a movie that holds up with every viewing, and a movie that made many kids want to become archaeologists.  For those that didn't want to search for artifacts, we at least wanted to crawl under a truck and be dragged behind it.  Some of us may have even tried it at a friends house during a sleepover.

We thank you Mr. Spielberg and Mr. Lucas for taking us on that journey 30 years ago.  You threw us the idol and we happily threw you the whip.

What say you?  What are your Raiders of the Lost Ark memories?

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