Tuesday, June 7, 2011

E3 2011: Nintendo News - Wii U and more

Nintendo reveals the Wii U at E3

This morning was the Nintendo press conference and everyone was waiting for the big reveal.  Nintendo didn't disappoint with their news.  Let's jump right in to it.

Wii U 

A few weeks ago word came out that Nintendo would be revealing a new gaming console at E3.  Some called it Wii 2, but Nintendo said it would be completely different from the Wii.  Take a look:

What We Liked

We loved the idea of being able to switch from playing on television to using only the controler screen.  That is  a smart addition.  Also, offering a virtual third dimension to the games without it actually requiring 3D is incredibly innovative.

What We Didn't Like

First, they only have prototype games for people to try out right now to get an idea of the console.  There were plenty of developers to stroke Nintendo about how great this would be to use, but aside from general game footage we didn't really see how they intend to integrate the system.  That is something I will wait to see before I decide to add another console to my entertainment center.    

Next, Nintendo didn't tell us about the system as a whole.  The controller was the focal point.  What we do know about the console is - It will use an IBM Power based multi-core processor; Is backwards compatible with Wii games and accessories; Has an internal flash memory and expandable memory via SD memory card or USB (4 USB ports).  Wii U will support 1080p. 

For a console that is not the Wii 2, they are making sure that all your Wii games and toys can be used on this system.

The Wii U will come out in 2012 and Nintendo has not provided a price point yet.  I would expect it to be in the area of $199-$249.  It was the lower price point of the Wii that really helped make it so dominant with families.  With a low price point and must have game experiences, that could be enough for hard core gamers to adopt the new console.   

What else happened

Before Nintendo revealed Wii U to the world they did show off some other games coming out.  Take a look.
The Nintendo faithful ate up everything that was served today.  We'll keep you posted with more news and details as Nintendo releases it.  

What say you?

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