Wednesday, June 1, 2011

UPDATED: 'The Dark Knight Rises' viral videos hit and take us to a Facebook page

Many are calling the videos and Facebook page a fake.  We have reached out to Warner Brothers to see if these are studio creations or the work of a fan with a lot of time.  There has been no response as of yet.  Once we get word we will update all of you.  In the mean time consider these as possible clues to The Dark Knight Rises.

Recently we got a look at Tom Hardy as Bane in The Dark Knight Rises.  This was done through a very interesting viral campaign at  Everytime a tweet was sent out using the hashtag #thefirerises a piece of the picture was revealed one pixel at a time.  For that work, nerds were supplied with this:

Today the latest viral pieces have hit the internet via YouTube user TheFireRises:

Was it just me, or was the fire rising?

That's not all there is.  Hidden in one of the videos is a URL link to a Facebook page for The Fire Rises.  I could make you search for it like I did, but I'll just give it to you instead:

Currently people on the Facebook page are counting everytime there is a new "Like".  Is it counting down to something in particular?  I have no idea because with these campaigns anything is possible.

There isn't much information on the movie, or the campaign, posted on the page yet.  But there is an interesting picture of Matthew Modine labled 'Nixon'.  

Hmmm.. is this the 'Nixon Two-Bear' that tried to kill Harley Quinn?  Does this mean Harley is in The Dark Knight Rises?

There are some that are calling "fake" on the videos.  If that's the case then the Facebook page is a fake as well.    

What say you?

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