Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Your first look at Alec Baldwin and Russell Brand in 'Rock of Ages'

Director Adam Shankman tweeted a picture today from the set of Rock of Ages showing off Russell Brand and Alec Baldwin.  Russell looks pretty much the same, and Alec looks like he's supposed to be in Almost Famous.  Although I did have a chuckle seeing the "3 Balls" sign above Alec's head.  (Tee hee).  

Image Credit: Adam Shankman
The 80's backdrop of Rock of Ages is set to some of your favorite, and not so favorite, songs of the era.  It takes place in the 'Rock of Ages' night club on the Sunset Strip.  (Don't go looking for it because it never existed.)  Two people meet - there's a little singing, a little dancing - and then (SPOILER) they fall in love.

The movie will also include Tom Cruise making his singing debut.  Hooray?

Rock of Ages was popular on Broadway, and the touring company has had good success as well. Producers are hoping that Shankman can use that popularity to turn this movie in to a hit.  Adam was successful at making the Tony Award winning musical Hairspray in to a hit movie.  ($118 million domestically - $83 million foreign

While the show is popular, it's more like a karaoke comedy.  I don't think that's intentional.  Take a look at the original Broadway cast:

Maybe the movie version will be better.  

What say you?

POPped on the Sunset Strip
Jungle Jesse

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  1. Is the guy in the blue jacket with curly hair that weird dude from Raising Hope?