Sunday, May 1, 2011

Sony Hoping to Get Some of the Playstation Network Back Online This Week

Sony finally announced what will happening with the Playstation Network, and what they will offer members.  The "Welcome Back" program will offer all Playstation Network users free PlayStation Plus for a month.  If you already subscribe to PS Plus, you'll get an additional month for free.  Each territory will also receive free entertainment content, which will be announced later.  

According the press release, Sony will be offering more free entertainment and services over the coming weeks.  

When I can I play with my friends online again?  

Sony expects to for you to be able to start accessing the network over the next week.  In order for that to happen there is going to be a mandatory software update.  This update will require you to change your password on the PS3 that you created the account on.  You can also do this through the email address attached to your account.

During the press conference it was pointed out that at no time will Sony contact subscribers and ask them for their account information.  It is also possible that Sony may cover the costs for subscribers who decide to cancel their credit cards.  Expect more information on this in the coming weeks.

I could use this time to say, "That's what you get for playing on a network that's just M'eh," but I won't.  This hack is devastating to the gaming community as a whole.  It's very possible that we can begin to see increased membership costs to cover tighter security, but this has yet to be addressed.  For now though we will wait and see what else is to come from Sony, and what exactly the free entertainment content will be.  It could be awesome, or it could be Superman IV - The Quest for Peace.

What say you?  Is this enough to get you to trust Sony again?

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