Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Keanu Reeves will not be starring in 'Akira'

For the past few weeks it was said that Keanu Reeves would be starring in a movie adaptation of the popular anime story Akira.  This evening we have found out that Keanu has turned down the role and Warner Brothers is now letting people go that were working the development and pre-vis.  

Fandango quotes Warner Brothers as saying:
“Production on Akira has not halted or been shut down, as the film has not yet been green-lit and is still very much in the development stage. The exploratory process is crucial to a project of this magnitude, and we will continue to sculpt our approach to making the best possible film.”
According to the Twittersphere, most anime fans will be happy that Keanu will not be starring in the movie.  Most anime fans don't want to see this turned in to a live action movie, but that's just not in the cards.  While pre-production may be slowing down, don't count on the brothers Warner to give up on this property.  If done right, and well, Akira could be a ground breaking movie along the lines of what The Matrix.

What say you?  Do you want a live action Akira?

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Source: Fandango

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