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FOX's 'Breaking In' heads to Comic-Con this week to protect 'The Goonies 2'

Christian Slater (Oz) holds The Goonies 2: The Legend of Sloth
in the upcoming episode of FOX's Breaking In titled 'Take the Movie and Run'.

Breaking In is a great freshmen comedy whose only drawback is that it should be an hour.  Ever since speaking with the cast at WonderCon, there was a particular episode that we've been looking forward to.  One of the shows stars, Bret Harrison (Cameron), gave us a tease:

"Contra Security is hired by Comic-Con to make sure we hand deliver the Goonies sequel, Goonies 2: The Legend of Sloth to the right hands and not have another Wolverine moment.  Only a hundred lucky fans will get to see it, but Contra is outed by fanboys and every one knows that we have the DVD so everybody is after us."  

Come on, what geek doesn't think that's a great idea?

We get to see the results this Wednesday night.  To tell us more about it, we were able to hop on the phone and talk with cast member Alphonso McAuley (Cash) and Executive Producer Adam F. Goldberg.  

Adam told us why they chose The Goonies 2 for the movie sequel.  "I know when Peter Jackson was doing King Kong, he said like that’s the reason he became a director. For me, Goonies is the reason I became a writer. You know, that was the movie from my childhood I saw a trillion times, know every line."  

They did approach the studio about using newer releases, like The Green Lantern, to be the subject.  According to Adam the studios were hesitant to let a newer movie be the subject of being pirated.  

I wanted to know why they chose Comic-Con as the venue.  It turns out that Adam has been a frequent attendee of Comic-Con in San Diego for the past 15 years.  While this is not specifically San Diego Comic-Con, it is modeled a little after the smaller ones that he prefers attending nowadays.  "I get to shop more."   

They do get to explore a small portion of the world of fandom.  Expect plenty of costumes, including a special one for Alphonso.

'Cash' creates his own superhero comic called Black Zeus.  "He's a rapper by day and superhero by night."  Since they're going to be there, he takes the opportunity at Comic-Con to try and find a publisher for his comic.

The tradition of having Alphonso dress up in different costumes extends through out the season.  He let us know that in the finale *SPOILER ALERT* he dresses up in a full Voltron costume.  They originally wanted an Optimus Prime costume, but the cost was way too much.  Luckily Adam used to write for the Voltron series.  His friends there sent the costume for them to use.  I can't wait to see this. *END SPOILER*

Now that they've been exposed to the world of Cons, we wondered if they would be attending San Diego Comic-Con.  Adam mentioned that it would be a dream of his if they were able to go, but it all depends on if FOX picks them up for a second season.

They did share stories with us about attending WonderCon and how much fun they had.  It was Alphonso's first time at a convention and he just loved it.  "I think the amazing element to it was that so many people wore - whatever costume it was that they had one, they wore it with great conviction."

Speaking about Christian Slater, Adam said, "So, he had never been to the - to any convention, and he literally was texting me like, “I just got a picture with a Gorn!” And he was just thrilled and he’s walking up to these actors with booths and paying money.  He’d pay $20.00 to get a picture, - they were like, “I can’t believe Christian Slater is paying me money to take a picture with me.”

There will be plenty of movie and fanboy references in the episode to make everyone happy.  

Be sure to catch Breaking In - Take the Movie and Run on FOX this Wednesday night.

What say you?

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