Wednesday, May 11, 2011

FOX picks up JJ Abrams' 'Alcatraz' and lets 'Locke & Key' go

Word has come via Deadline that FOX has picked up the JJ Abrams pilot Alcatraz.  Surprise,'s got a weird hook.  In the 1960's a team investigates the "mysterious" disappearance of some inmates.  Oooooohhhh.......m'eh.  

I like JJ Abrams, but he's treading very closely in to becoming the M. Knighth Shyamalan of television.  "This one is set in a prison - we'll say Alcatraz in the 60's - but something weird is happening."  Okay JJ, we get it.  

He's shown with movies like Star Trek and Mission Impossible III that he's a great movie director, but networks all want the next LOST.  How about just going for the next thing that's just "good"?

Speaking of, FOX passed on Locke & Key.  This is based on a comic about the Locke family who discover keys in the family home that are special for many reasons.  This could have been a fantastic series for FOX to have.  There is a chance that another network could pick up the show.

FOX also announced this week that some of their shows coming back next season are BonesFringe, Family Guy and The Cleveland Show.  

As network upfronts approach next week, we'll keep you posted with what's returning and what is being sent out to a farm to play with other TV shows.

What say you?  

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