Monday, May 2, 2011

Even The Rock knew before cable news what happened to Bin Laden

Osama bin Laden (or Usama, or Obama bin Laden if you were watching FOX News) has been killed.  That information was confirmed by CNN, NBC and CBS around thirty minutes after the word had already been spread on Twitter.  While the cable news channels and newspapers were trying to get people on the phone to confirm this  news, government sources had already given the information online.

As everyone was waiting, and almost panicking, about what President Obama was going to say, people voiced their frustration with newscasters who would only hint.  Wolf Blitzer kept saying over and over, "I have a good idea what it is, but I don't want to say my speculation until after the President speaks.  We can tell you that it has to do with national security."  All that was needed was for Ryan Seacrest to tell us that we would find out if we were all going to be killed in a painful death...after the break.   

Then confirmation word began to spread via Twitter that something big was coming.  The first tweet hit from, of all people, The Rock (I'm not kidding).

For those wondering how The Rock knew.  Remember that he has a lot of friends and fans that are in the special forces.  I would not be surprised that one of them leaked word to him.

Then the Chief of Staff for Donald Rumsfeld put this out:

Note: This is not the Australian country singing husband of Nicole Kidman.

From there the landslide of other insiders in Washington began to flood Twitter that it was indeed true.  That's when the guessing game started as to when the cable news channels would finally catch up with everyone else.  Remember, they kept reporting for an hour after Michael Jackson had died that he was alive but in critical condition.  

Finally news channels began reporting the confirmation that Osama bin Laden had been killed.   

With a sigh of relief (there was no zombie apocalypse or asteroid hurtling towards us) everyone now waited to hear the words directly from President Obama.  The moment they were uttered, the Twittersphere quickly exploded with Osama jokes.  Some brilliant (Osama unlocked the Bullseye Badge on foursquare), others not so much. (Trump wants to see the death certificate was way over used.)

This turned in to another life event where the information was spread faster than the speed of television.  CNN anchors said that this would be a day that people will look back and remember where they were.  You're right CNN.  We were thirty minutes ahead of you.

What say you?

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