Monday, May 23, 2011

Cut SNL sketch has Timberlake poking fun at going in to acting and Bieber

Before each episode of SNL goes live there is a full dress run through with an audience.  After this jokes are re-written, sketches are put in order and some sketches don't even make it to air.  Take for instance this sketch from the past Saturday's season finale with Justin Timberlake.

Here JT plays Amadeus and pokes fun at himself going in to acting, and takes a great jab at Justin Bieber.

In this season finale Justin Timberlake once again delivered some funny with the same characters he always plays.  From his singing street pitch guy, to another SNL Digital Short with The Lonely Island, there was a good amount of laughs.  But the episode ended up falling flat towards the end (as usual) with dual game show sketches.  One with JT and Lady Gaga was very funny; but another with Kristin Wiig doing the same shtick she always does was just awful.

At least, thanks to Hulu, we got to see what should have been on the live broadcast. 

What say you?

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