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A breakdown of what's coming back and what's been cancelled for next season

You may have heard that next week all of the networks are having their upfront presentations.  This is when they show off their new shows, and returning shows, to advertisers and critics.  It's a time to claim that every single show on their slate is fantastic and will change the landscape of television this coming season.

Sometimes you'll discover LOST or 24.  Other times you get Cop Rock and The Cape.  It's a craps shoot for everyone involved.

We know that it's been confusing to try and keep up with what has and has not been picked up, so we want to help.  Below you'll find a list of everything that's been happening on each network.

*This list is current as of this writing and will probably change over the next few hours and days.

The Big News:
Two and Half Men - Ashton Kutcher will be joining the cast because apparently there has been some sort of cast shake up.  I didn't realize that.  You would think it would have been in the news somewhere.

What's New:
Person of Interest
Two Broke Girls

Definitely returning:
How I Met Your Mother
The Amazing Race
The Big Bang Theory
Undercover Boss (Hint: If a new hourly employee shows up at your job with a camera crew, it's the head of the company)

No Official Word:
Mike and Molly
Hawaii Five-O
Rules of Engagement
CSI: Miami
Criminal Minds
The Mentalist
Mad Love
Blue Bloods
Criminal Minds: Suspect Behavior
The Defenders


The Big News:
Chuck - After a Twitter campaign by fans to bring the show back from the brink of cancellation - once again - Chuck will return for a final 13 episodes next season.

Wonder Woman - What was the one of the biggest television stories just a few months ago turned in to one of the biggest disapointments.  From a pilot script torn apart by geeks after being leaked online, to a costume that was shown no mercy by everyone; this pilot had no chance of making it.  The pilot didn't test well with audiences (in network speak means it sucked hard) and NBC kicked the DC Comic superhero to the curb.

What's New:
Free Agents
Are You There Vodka?  It's Me Chelsea (at least Laura Prepon is playing Chelsea)
The Playboy Club (REALLY looking forward to this show)
Prime SuspectSmash
Up All Night
Grimm (modern police show influenced by Grimm's fairy tales)

Definitely returning:
30 Rock
Parks and Recreation
Harry's Law
Sunday Night Football
The Office
The Sing-Off
Who Do You Think You Are

No Official Word:
The Voice (Will probably be back)
Saturday Night Live (Will probably be back)
Law & Order: SVU
The Apprentice (Will not return if Trump decides to run for President)
Minute To Win It

The Event
America's Next Great Restaurant
Friday Night Lights (ending)
Perfect Couples
The Cape
The Paul Reiser Show
School Pride
Law & Order: Los Angeles

The Big News: 
Nothing really.  It's ABC.  Prepare to have your mind boooored.

What's New:
Apartment 23 (anyone else shocked Disney changed the title from The Bitch in Apartment 23?)
Last Man Standing
Man Up
Work It (think Bosom Buddies in pharmaceutical sales)
Good Christian Belles (again, Disney changed the title from Good Christian Bitches...such prudes)
Charlie's Angels
Once Upon A Time
Pan Am (the mouses competition to NBC's The Playboy Club)
The River

Definitely Returning:
Modern Family
Cougar Town (really?)
Private Practice
Happy Endings
Grey's Anatomy
Secret Millionaire
Shark Tank
The Bachelor
The Middle

No Official Word:
Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution
Wife Swap (rumor that there *no joke* could be a celebrity edition)
Desperate Housewives
Dancing With The Stars (I'm sure it'll be back)
Extreme Makeover: Home Edition
America's Funniest Home Videos
Better With You (that's a show?)

No Ordinary Family (don't worry, you can still get The Incredibles on Blu-Ray)
Brothers and Sisters
Detroit 187 (this was on TV?)
Mr. Sunshine
My Generation
Off The Map (aka Recycled LOST sets and locations)
Skating With The Stars
Supernanny (finally realized that those without children shouldn't tell others how to raise children)
The Whole Truth

The Big News: 
Breaking In was announced as cancelled this week, but a last minute push has given the show a chance to come back.  FOX has moved next week's season finale to their comedy night on Tuesday to see how it does.  This could determine if it can cheat death a second time.  We'll know by next week.

What's New:
The Finder
I Hate My Teenage Daughter
The New Girl

Definitely Returning:
Family Guy
The Simpsons
Bob's Burgers
The Cleveland Show
Raising Hope

No Official Word:
American Idol (Will probably be back.  Perhaps for it's last season.)
America's Most Wanted
COPS (that's still on?)
Kitchen Nightmares
Million Dollar Money Drop

Breaking In (may get a reprieve)
The Chicago Code
The Good Guys
Human Target
Lie To Me
Running Wilde
Lone Star
Traffic Light

The Big News: 
It's the CW, what could big news be?

Definitely Returning:
America's Next Top Model (a title as useless at Tyra)
Gossip Girl
The Vampire Diaries

No Official Word:
Shedding for the Wedding (I was embarrassed just writing that)
One Tree Hill
Plain Jane

Life Unexpected
Smallville (series finale was tonight)

There you have it gang.  The current list of what may, or may not, be on your moving picture boxes.

What say you?

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