Sunday, May 1, 2011

'The Avengers' stops production due to script leak

It was just a week ago that everyone got excited about production on The Avengers starting.  Well now word is getting out that production has been halted.  This is because a copy of the script has been leaked/stolen and is being offered up for sale to the web site Obsessed With Film.

Over the weekend they were emailed photos of some of the script pages from the person wanting to "negotiate terms."  The pictures clearly show the water mark of Samuel L. Jackson's name on the pages.

Some one took Samuel L. Jackson's mother-f'n script!  My question is weather or not it was leaked electronically or physically stolen.

The email sent to OWF said:

I have one hard copy that I am looking to sell and I will not be making any copies, therefore exclusivity is guaranteed.
Considering that the release of The Avengers is over a year away this script should generate a substantial amount of traffic for the website that acquires it.

This pretty ballsy for someone to offer this up for sale.  Perhaps they have never heard stories of the Mouse House legal team.  Because if they have, they should know that this will not end well for them.

In a world wide web where every site (us included) is trying to get exclusives to drive up readership, others will do what they can to make it happen.  This includes buying a stolen script to review.  According to OWF, there were other email addresses to other web sites included in the email they received.  Unless the Disney lawyers get word out quickly that they will go after who ever sells/buys the script, I have no doubts that it will end up online.    

Authentication of the script or production being stopped has not been confirmed by Disney or Marvel.  We have reached out to them, but as of this writing they have not responded to our request for a comment.

We will continue to update this story.

What say you?

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