Friday, May 27, 2011

3D 'Avatar' Spoof Coming From The 'Epic Movie' Team

Spoofs are incredible hard to do well.  When the Scary Movie spoofs started, it was kind of amusing.  Then a couple of people that sort of wrote Scary Movie started branching out to try and spook other movie genres.  They punished our eye sockets and souls with Date Movie, Epic Movie, Meet The Spartans and Vampires Suck.  

This is why we are now getting The Biggest Movie Of All Time - 3D.  To prove that they are current to two years ago, they are spoofing Avatar.  According to the press release:

With a domestic box office of nearly 700 million dollars and an overseas haul of over 2 billion, it was only a matter time before this behemoth got a good ribbing. And what could possibly be riper for satire? You got half naked blue people plugging their hair into strange flying horses so they can read their thoughts! And nothing in this mega blockbuster is off limits, from its overly simplified message of "big corporations = bad; tree hugging environmentalist = good," to the broadly drawn characters like the buffed out Colonel who's in a perpetual 'roid rage to the very colorful, glowing and... come on, totally stony world of Pandora. And just like "Avatar" our movie will be in eye popping 3-D – making it the very first spoof movie ever in this format. It's a perfect showcase for our outrageous sight gags, physical comedy and audacious stunts that will make for a hilarious film and uproarious audience experience.

Then there's the poster...

See?  She's crossing her eyes!  That has comedy gold written all over it.

I could understand getting an Avatar spoof in theaters last spring, but we're now headed in to summer 2011.  Even the Avatar porn spoof came (no pun intended) out quicker than this.  Did it take them this long to think of adding Rastafarian's and a Native American stereo type to the tribe while telling sex jokes about their tails?

I guess I should be fair in saying that many of the successful spoofs were not released hot on the heels of their subjects.  Airplane came out in the summer of 1980, after the disaster movies of the 70's it was poking fun at had passed.  The Naked Gun came out in 1988, long after the detective shows of the late 70's and early 80's were off the air.  

The reason that these movies were able to get away with releasing them later was because they were actually good comedies.  They were not simply sight gags and puns.  These were cleverly written comedy movies that used all of those tools to make the movies timeless.  But I'm thinking more about the art of comedy, and that's not what the producers are looking at.  

They want to know if it will make money.  It will.  


What say you?  Do you like their movies?

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