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WonderCon 2011: Human Target

Jackie Earle Haley, Janet Montgomery, Mark Valley
and Showrunner Matt Miller of FOX's "Human Target" at WonderCon 2011
Credit: POParitaville

Fan favorite, Human Target, made an appearance at WonderCon this weekend.  Human Target is based on the comic book and graphic novel from DC Comics.  Many hoped that this appearance would bring word that FOX had renewed the series to come back for third season.  This topic, and more, was discussed when a group of us got to sit down with the shows stars Mark Valley (Christopher Chance), Jackie Earle Haley (Guerrero), Janet Montgomery (Ames) and showrunner Matt Miller.  

First up came the question about if the show had been picked up for season three yet.  Showrunner Matt Miller said, "You want to be able to say, We got picked up!  Unfortunately we don't know either way.  I think for FOX it's gonna be about how their pilots turn out, certainly, and there's going to be some license fee negotiating and things of that nature.  So unfortunately we're not gonna know anything until May.  Warner Bros. and FOX have been incredibly supportive of the show, so I honestly think that right now it's not that they know and aren't telling us.  They genuinely don't know which way it's going to go."

When asked about the different tone the show has evolved to, Matt said, "We tried to open up the show in season two..  Visually I think our directors did a great job in the pop and style of the show.  The addition of the female characters, the romance, the look, it all came from a combination of many things including suggestions from the studio and fans."

I then asked Mark if he has found the level of fight choreography going up from episode to episode.  He had nothing but praises for the fight choreographer.  "We have a great choreographer, Dean Choe.  They're often looking for something new, something different... I'm just really excited to get back and do some more of that."  Mark did joke that it might be fun to do an episode where Chance tried not to get in a fight.  He said, "I'd like to see one where he's like, I'm not gonna fight.  I'm done.  No, I don't care what happens."   

Mark went on to mention what he would like to see happen with Chance in season three.  "With Chance's overall arc, in episode one he was fresh out of that world of  being closed down and doing his job and having some confusion about it.  In the second season he started to open up a little bit.  He he had to communicate with people, especially with the female characters.  I'd like to see where Chance really takes the leap and says, Okay, I'm gonna live in this world with regular people. I'm gonna really give it a shot and go all the way."  

One of the changes in Chances job this season has been the addition of Elsa, played by the very funny Janet Montgomery.  She told us how surprised she was with how much her character was used when she arrived.  With her arrival on the show there has been some question about her characters relationship with Guerrero (played brilliantly by Jackie Earle Haley.)  Of this Janet said, "I don't really know what is going on with her Guerrero.  It's so different with a TV show because I don't know where it's going."  

I asked Janet what it's like to now be a part of the DC Universe, she admitted how much she loves it.  "When I started I wasn't really a comic book nerd.  But now I'm a comic book fan!  I have friends working on the DC Comic movies and I just love it."  

When asked if there was another comic book character she would like to play, she said she didn't want to limit herself to one character only.  But she did mention that she would love to be in The Avengers.  So, Joss if you're reading her.

While the action is a hit with audiences, a fan favorite is the character Guerrero.  Jackie wondered what that says about people.  He does understand it though.  Of Guerrero, he loves how mysterious the character he is.  When asked what it is about him that he finds intriguing he said, "He's a guy that lives in a different world then the one we live in, and has the skills to survive in them.  He doesn't really have a lack of morality, it's more of a philosophy."

When he addressed the relationship between his character and Janet's character Elsa, he agreed that it could be seen as a slight mentorship.  "But since it's Guerrero you just never know, he may think that this knucklehead is going to get me killed so I'll throw her over a cliff." 

In the development of the character, Jackie doesn't give a whole lot of input, but every now and then he'll let them know if it doesn't feel like Guerrero.  He told us, "Matt and his team had already done a great job developing him already." 

Since we had Jackie there, one couldn't help but ask about a possible sequel to A Nightmare on Elm Street.  He said that he's been so busy he hasn't even asked, but he hasn't heard a thing.  "I don't know if they're planning on it, thinking about it, not thinking about, or if it's something they want to do."  

As for what we can look forward to in season three, Matt said, "The show is as it's best when it's tongue in cheek and fun.  We're planning on bringing in new characters for season three and we'll continue to just make it a lot of fun."

If there is one thing you can be sure of, this group loves being together.  That was evident in the brief time we were with them.  But they also love being on this show because it is a lot of fun.  It's like Jackie Earle said toward the end, "The fun of the show is that it doesn't take itself too seriously.  It's not a real world type of show.  It's hyper-reality where we are taking comic book characters and putting them in a world where planes fly upside down."

Just as many of our readers expressed to us prior to WonderCon, we are also hoping to hear of a third season renewal soon.  We will let you know as soon as we find out.

Thank you to everyone at Warner Bros. and Human Target for their time.

What say you?

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