Wednesday, April 13, 2011

TEASER: Linkin Park's 'Transformers: Dark of the Moon' song...sort of

Many sites have been talking about it as if it was some big secret, but Linkin Park's Joe Hahn has been saying since production on the movie started that they would be doing a song for the soundtrack of Transformers: Dark of the Moon.  And that was when it was just known as Transformers 3, or Crap, Another One?  With the bands history with the Transformers movies, everyone knew they were doing a song. 

Today Linkin Park put up a teaser on the bands website. ( When you go there, in the upper right hand there is a moon with a "dark" area.  (Get it?!?!)  When you click on it, it shows you the clip below.  Now, when I told you it was a teaser, I mean teaser.  Like 17 seconds long.  That's it.  But that 17 seconds is pretty sweet sounding.

Before you cry foul, yes it is the intro to 'Iridescent' off of A Thousand Suns.  However this version is tweaked a bit, and the cover art seems to have an Autobot symbol hidden in it.  Oh, you think I'm seeing things?  Take a look:


It's very possible that the same song will be modified for the soundtrack, they could be using the same intro, or it's just something to keep us quiet until the single is revealed...soon.

What say you.

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