Thursday, April 14, 2011

POPped Trailer: 'Cowboys & Aliens'

Just a few weeks ago Jon Favreau unleashed footage from 'Cowboys & Aliens' on a couple of thousand people at WonderCon in San Francisco.  Well today the rest of the world gets to see the trailer in all of it's glory (and you don't have to suffer through American Idol to see it.)

For some reason this morning the trailer was being re-directed to the teaser trailer that was released several months back.  Our apologies for this.  It seems to have been corrected.  Thanks for your patience.

This is a very slick trailer that doesn't show as much as the WonderCon footage, but it does give people a better idea of the story....while still holding back.

One of the things that I've loved so far has been seeing Harrison Ford back to being a bad-ass.  This is the aged Indiana Jones we should have seen.  (But enough about that.)  Daniel Craig walks a great balance of clueless and aggressive here.  While the fight against the aliens is meant to be spectacle, I'm intrigued with the performances of Ford and Craig together.  In footage screened at WonderCon, it what was those moments that really stood out.

I'm sure that this movie will be a hit, but it's a question of how big of a hit.  Universal Studios has a lot riding on this one.  We've mentioned before, the studio is lagging behind others in putting out blockbusters for the past few years.  They've been relying on what number to put after "Fast" and "Furious" for a while now.

There is a good team behind this movie so we are holding out for the best.  You can rest assured that 'Cowboys & Aliens' will at least be a fun ride.

What say you?

POPped lost in the desert
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