Friday, April 22, 2011

POP Live: 'Game of Thrones - The Kingsroad'

*We will go live at 8:55PM PST on Sunday.  No need to refresh the page, just take the jump below to be taken to the fun.*

Welcome to POParitaville's 'Game of Thrones' live blog/commentary/chat.  Here we will talk about the show as it airs live on the West Coast.  Be sure to come back to every Sunday night to join in the fun, and invite your friends.  All of them.

You know us, so you know that we like to have fun.  It will not be an open chat room, but you can leave comments.  All comments are moderated, but we do encourage you to participate.  Leave your comments and we'll post them right away.  Just try to play nice.  We won't censor language, just don't be all crazy.

So grab a drink, get some grub and let's have a good time.

We'll open just a few minutes before 9PM.

*This chat is not sponsored, nor endorsed by HBO or its subsidiaries.

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