Thursday, April 21, 2011

Marvel's 'Little Thor' ad spoofs VW's 'The Force' without the humor

Marvel is trying to crank up the buzz-o-meter on THOR before the U.S. release next week.  I'm not excatly sure who the target audience is for this, but they spoofed Volkswagon's 'The Force' ad.  While the VW ad had people smiling and laughing throughout it, this one just felt "M'eh" to me.

You be the judge.

Sure, it's kind of amusing that the car blows up, but who didn't see that coming?  I just don't think that the ad was that creative.  Again, who is this ad for?  Adults, kids, people who hate cars?

Now if they had blown up a Toyota Highlander with that smug, annoying kid criticizing other car owners, that I would have cheered.

What say you?

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