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Kevin Smith announces future plans for the Smodcastle

Last year Kevin Smith took the world of podcasting to a new level with the opening of the Smodcastle.  Here people could come, just about every day, to see Kevin and his pod pals record different shows.  From the traditional Smodcast, to the breakout hit Hollywood Babble-On, there was something for everyone.  Not only Kevin Smith fans, but comedy fans in general.

He then gave people a behind the scenes peak at his new movie 'Red State' with the Red State of the Union podcasts.  Every week some one involved in the film would sit down to discuss the movie with Kevin.  This has been like a Master Class in film making and marketing.

During this time Hollywood Babble-On needed a room larger than 50 seats, along with a bar.  They ended up moving that show to The Jon Lovitz Comedy Club located on CityWalk at Universal Studios Hollywood.  This also led to the popular Jay and Silent Bob Get Old podcast moving to this location as well.

Having been there a couple of times myself to see HB-O, I can tell you that it's a great atmosphere.  Not only for the audience, but you can tell that those on stage love it as well.  They love it so much that Kevin has just announced that beginning in May, Smodcastle will close at it's current location....and re-open at The Jon Lovitz Comedy Club.  There it will be known as Smodcastle Lounge.

With this announcement comes the list of great new shows that will be recording there.  According to Kevin's blog (Silent Bob Speaks), beginning this summer the lineup includes:

The SMorgy Pajamma Jammy-Jam! To celebrate the opening of SModcastle Lounge, we’re launching a 24 hour podcasting marathon! 200 crazy sumbitches will spend the night in a house haunted solely by the unending navel-gazing of podcasting giants! Ever wanted to spend the night with Bryan Johnson or Katie Morgan? You’ll be doing just that in this once-in-a-lifetime experience! We’ll be serving lunch, dinner and breakfast, so bring your jammies!
- On Sundays, we launch our version of church: from 11am ‘til 1pm, join me and Mewes for Jay & Silent Bob’s Sunday Morning Movie Triva Super-Challenge & Pancake Brunch. Eat amazing pancakes while we podcast a trivia game show that you play in table teams! Win cool prizes and get real fat – all before the Sunday afternoon movie matinees begin!
- During the next semester of Red State of the Union Q&A Class, toss back some beers as you hear more cast and crew tales of making it and taking it in the movie biz.
- I’m joined by Lovitz Theater namesake and comedy legend Jon Lovitz for The ABC’s of SNL – an ongoing series in which we reminisce with anybody who ever had anything to do with Saturday Night Live. Expect some Not Ready For PrimeTime Players, some writers, some founders, and LOTS of laughs.
- Now all SMarriages can begin as lifelong unions should begin: drenched in drinks and stuffed with food! And the audience can get as toasted as the guests on SMovieMakers!
Gaming Events with Jason Mewes, such as this Saturday’s SModern Warfare: Call of Mewes! Expect a hockey tourney and lots of YooStar fun in the weeks to follow.
- Now that we’re Lovitz partners, expect lots more podcasting legends to hit the stage for monthly and weekly shows!Nerdist! WTF! Doug! I’m talking to you guys!
Vulgarthon Film Festival! Nostalgia alert! See the flicks that put us on the map and listen to the stars behind your favorite Askewniverse flicks tell tales of how shit was way back when!
Graphic Novel Theater: Dramatic renditions of comic books, read aloud! We pick three people from the audience to join a panel of pros on stage for a dramatic reading of legendary comic book stories. First up: my Green Hornet run from Dynamite. Which kinda leads to our favorite future plan for The Lovitz…

Okay, these sound pretty sweet.  There will be more offered.  Especially for those of us that feel let down when the show is over.  I say let down in that we want it to go on longer. (That's what she said.) For those of us, they will also be doing an after-podcast podcast on the top floor of the club for a higher premium ticket.  It does sound worth it though.

Taking over the entire top floor of The Lovitz, SModcastle Lounge will eventually serve as the home of SIR every morning. Until then, it’ll serve as the premium seating level for SMidnight @SModcastle Lounge: after-show podcast for both Jay & Silent Bob Get Old and Hollywood Babble-On. When you sit upstairs in the SModcastle Lounge, you’re watching Hollywood Babble-On or Jay & Silent Bob Get Old like everybody else; but when those shows are over, you arethe show - as Ralph, Jay & I turn the microphones on YOU!
So for $20 at The Lovitz, you can see a show - but for $50, you can be the show! Limited to 25 seats. Each show ends at 12:30am.
SMidnight @SModcastle Lounge starts Fridays at 11:30 with Acting with Mewes & Youse! Take to the SModcastle stage with Hollywood veteran and movie professional Jason Mewes, as you – the audience – partake in your favorite movies scenes with a real, live actor!
On Saturdays, SMidnight @SModcastle Lounge starts at 11:30: Babble-Off, with Ralph & Kevin. On this post-show podcast, we give you the chance to out-funny us – as you tell us your best stories or jokes! Make us laugh and you win a t-shirt!

That's not it, not only do they have those great shows lined up.  They are also starting their own comic book show... Jay and Silent Bob's Babble-On Comi-Con!
 a bi-monthly comic book show will take over The Lovitz and offer three floors of vendors to shop, as well as a stage for programming – where you can see genre pros offer sneak peeks of their blockbusters long before they hit theaters and listen in as Kevin or Ralph interviews them about the movies you love!
Since Babble-On and Jay and Silent Bob moved their shows up there, Mr. Lovitz has also welcomed in Adam Corolla's podcast as on a weekly basis.  With the popularity of these podcasts, and the audiences coming in weekly to see them, this will also bring in a change to the club as well.  Smith puts it the best, as only he can:

SModcastle has grown up very quickly and delivered us to the big leagues: motherfucking CITYWALK! But more than that? It’s put us into business with a guy who spent years making us laugh. As a huge SNL nerd who always dreamed of writing for the show when he was a kid, that’s pretty awesome and poetic.
And based on what it’s done to his club, Lovitz is now committed to the podcast cause. His year-old club has fast become the podcasting center of the universe, making him a Podfather of sorts – so much so that he’s renaming the club for our arrival…
Starting this June, The Jon Lovitz Comedy Club will be re-christened as THE JON LOVITZ PODCAST THEATRE!

Image: Jon Lovitz Podcast Theatre
This is a huge leap, I believe, in the right direction.  For as long as I can remember, that location at CityWalk has been looking for a unique voice.  Sure, it's a lot of fun and there is tons to do, but with so many other "Walks" opening up it can be hard to be unique.  They have the added benefit of having a theme park attached, but they need to make sure they stand out from Downtown Disney.  Housing the Smodcastle there is a big deal for everyone involved.

As Kevin has been trying to point out for months, traditional marketing is dying.  The audience, and customers, are still out there but they need to reached by different means.  You know what?  It actually works.  But we won't get in to the ways of the Marketing Dodo, this is about the new breed coming along.

It's the dawn of a new era in live comedy entertainment.  I, for one, am excited to see what's there once the sun rises.

Be sure to take the jump to to learn more about what's happening in the Smodcastle Lounge, why the change in venue, and much better writing than mine.

What say you?

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