Monday, April 4, 2011

'The Governator' looks like an SNL/Smigel cartoon spoof

Image: Entertainment Weekly
Last week it was announced that Arnold Schwarzenegger would be a new character called 'The Governator'.  It was announced with an Entertainment Weekly cover that led to the "Huh?" heard around the world.  

There is so much I want to say, but words have escaped me at the moment after watching this official trailer (that premiered at Cannes no less).

My first thought when I saw this was it was just too silly for me to take serious.  I really did feel like I was watching a Robert Smigel 'TV Funhouse' cartoon on SNL.  But alas, this is serious.  Again I say, "Huh?"  To make it funnier, here is the official description of the character:

Who has special "Speak Sprays" (disguised as breath freshener) that let him speak a foreign language? Who has an electronic "Fly Spy" with a mini-cam that activates through his ring, and tracks through his "G Shades"? Who has Bubble Trouble (bubblegum), that splats to form a face mask secret identity. With his 3 amazing teenage cohorts, his underground lair of super vehicles, and his digital super suits, who delivers the ULTIMATE in both comedy and action. The GOVERNATOR!

It's good to see that focus groups are now employing 10 year olds to create new characters.

I am all for Arnold wanting to get back in to entertainment.  I am all for new superhero characters being created. But I am also all for not touting something as fantastic just because there's a big name attached and it was co-created by Stan Lee.  While Stan Lee will always be a comic book god, let's face it, he'll co-create characters at the drop of a hat now.  (We're looking at you NHL.)  

Now we get 'The Governator'.  See because Arnold was 'The Terminator' and then he was a Governor.  Why not be more inventive and call him the 'Kindergarten Copinator', the 'Juniorinator', or my favorite..'Jingle All The Wayinator'.  It's just that easy kids.  Now you try.

What say you?

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