Tuesday, April 19, 2011

'GLEE' director threatens future of background extra who dished spoilers

This is an age where everyone wants to be famous.  With the "Hey, look at me," mentality, social media fuels that obsession.  So it comes as no surprise that someone working as a background extra on a hit television show would tweet a spoiler with the hope of having their name everywhere.  This happened this week while GLEE was filming their prom episode.

An extra put out on Twitter that "(blank) was PQ and (blank) was PK".  Meaning they were Prom Queen and Prom King.  (I'm not posting the names to try and keep it quiet for those that didn't see it.)  Something like this coming out before the episode airs is a huge problem.  As a director, producer, or writer of the episode it's horrifying.  However, using that same media tool that ruined your episode to threaten the future of an extra is just as dumb.

As a friend of mine put it on Facebook yesterday while discussing this happening, "You'll never work in this town again?  Do people still really say that?"  Apparently they do.  But now they tweet it to their thousands of followers.  The responses she received have made her delete the account.  What responses?  Here's a few:

Okay, that last one made me laugh.  I can hear the kid crying and slamming the door.  And why would the cast not go to New York because of a show spoiler?  You puzzle me @xFinchlxLovex.  

We have been at the receiving ends of tweets like these, and we do laugh at them.  But for someone who probably isn't used to dealing with hate from crazy fans of something, it can be alarming.  So why hasn't the director, tried to calm everyone down and control the ship?  At no time has Brad tweeted that they were dealing with it and to leave her alone.  Yes, what she did was stupid and she deserved to be fired.  But to pretty much make it open season on someone is just as stupid.  My guess is that they don't care.  The fans are on their side and that's all that matters to them and the network.  

With this mess there are other things that should be looked at, and learned by other shows.  Why are your A.D.'s and P.A.'s not making sure that extras do not have their cell phones on set?  Are you telling them of the legal consequences of revealing information?  Are you making them sign waivers about this?  Are the P.A.'s actually watching them on set?  As a producer and director of a show, you need to make sure that your team has a handle of what is happening on set.  This should show to them that they don't.   

Perhaps it's time for GLEE creator Ryan Murphy to drag himself away from having very public press arguments with Kings of Leon and Foo Fighters, or getting the rights to Rebecca Black's 'Friday'.  There are other things to worry about.  Like making the show good again.

What say you?

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  1. In related news, last night's episode was abysmal and painful to watch.

    The show no longer has any basis in reality; yes, suspension of disbelief is paramount with any fictional show, but come on! A week to plan, rehearse and market a benefit, and then NOBODY shows up except your 2 friends and the hecklers? I saw a full strings section for several numbers on that stage; are you telling me not one of those kids' parents bothered to come to the benefit?
    And what exactly did Sandy fund in the end? The Brainiacs; The Glee kids; both?
    Can you at least have plot points play out to a logical conclusion, rather than having absences explained in text messages? If Sunshine Corazon was meant to have sabotaged the benefit, FUCKING SHOW HER SABOTAGE THE BENEFIT, instead of having a character explain a text. Rule #1 of writing a TV show or film is "Show, don't tell." And if the Prom King/Queen race is such a big secret, why has virtually no mention of this plot point been made this season? I guess it will heat up next episode, but could really care less; why should I care about these characters anymore if the creator and writers of the show don't?
    Oh, and an aside to Brad Falchuk: Nicole Crowther didn't spoil anything you and your team haven't left out to rot for the last 2 seasons, and it seems to me, based on her one tweet, that she is perfectly qualified to work as a writer for Glee.