Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Get ready for 'Terminator 2' Shakespeare

Here at POParitaville we know that you come here to get the latest pop culture news.  We've learned that everyone has lot's of different tastes.  But when we find out about something that combines interests that can bring people together, well that is a special day indeed.  And that day is today.

We found out about this show via Kickstarter today.  The Husky Jackal Theater in Nashville, TN will be producing 'Terminator: The Second'.  What exactly is this?  They have taken the work of Cameron and combined it with the work of Shakespeare to create an interpretation of Terminator 2 that is walking the line of insanity and brilliance.

You may be saying, "Well POParitaville person, it can't be a Shakespeare play because he didn't write it."  First, lighten up.  Second, the writers have addressed this:

We adhered to strict guidelines regarding the usage of Shakespeare’s works. Each line and phrase is taken directly from folios printed by or before 1685, and many extended sections of dialogue are composed of individual lines from separate works. Only proper nouns and pronouns were subject to change, as dictated by the plot. In these instances, all proper nouns are supplanted only by pronouns or other proper nouns, and all pronouns by other pronouns. In some cases, corresponding verb tenses are modified. These practices enabled us to accurately retell the story of Terminator 2: Judgment Day while remaining true to the words of Shakespeare in form (if less so in intent).

You may also be thinking that this will probably suck.  While we can't say if it will or not, these samples of the script have us very intrigued.

Here is Sarah Connor's hospital interview:
Image: Terminator: The Second/Husky Jackal Theater

After the Terminator rescues John Connor:
Image: Terminator: The Second/Husky Jackal Theater

I don't know about you, but I'm now a fan of the idea.

They have already reached their goal on Kickstarter and are continuing to bring in donations to help them raise the production value of the show.  Hopefully some of the money will also go to the rights to do this to the Terminator characters, because ...well...more than likely Cameron may have something to say about this whole thing.

There is no official opening date set, but according to their Facebook page they are looking at possibly August or September.  I wonder if they'll open before Spider-Man:Turn Off The Dark.

Take the jump to their Kickstarter page to donate and learn more about the production.

What say you?

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  1. I love this idea, and it is quite an undertaking. Regarding the rights issues, I'm no lawyer, but I think this may fall under the guidelines of parody - similar to how "Weird" Al does not necessarily need the permission of an artist to parody their song (although he will not if an artist does not give permission; he's ethical like that), nor owe royalties on any music not performed by the original artist.