Tuesday, April 19, 2011

For those that really want a bowling ball controller for the Playstation Move...you're in luck

I'll admit, I haven't been that big of a fan of the Playstation Move.  I've tried using it several times and while the accuracy is great, I just don't see a need for it.  I feel like most game developers still don't really know what they have with the Move.  Sure Sony has sold millions of them, but it's not really a must have.

The novelty of the Move is really on display in this video.  I can't really think of anyone that said to themselves, "M'eh.  This is okay.  But if I had a fake bowling ball then it would be the most sweet ass controller of forever time." 

Please tell me this is a joke.

If you are someone who can't live without this, you make me sad.

What say you?

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Jungle Jesse

Source: Kotaku


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