Tuesday, April 12, 2011

EXCLUSIVE: Is Monster Cable using shady tactics to keep 'Beats by Dre' on top?

Over the past few months we have brought to you the story of Monster Cable suing the new headphone company Fanny Wang.  (Read the story here.)  It seemed that all was going to remain quiet until the upcoming court case.  Then we obtained an interesting email that had been sent to the Fanny Wang Headphone Co.

You might think that this is good news for Fanny Wang's European distribution.  But it's not real. Let me clarify.  It is a real email that was sent, but it appears that it's a fake person.  The actual name on the email address is different from the signature and matches a person on LinkedIn whose occupation is listed as "Monster Cable's European Sales Director".


I did want to see if this was sheer coincidence and reached out to the owner of this email but have received no reply.  I also reached out to Monster Cable this past Friday to see if Jean-Ghislain does indeed work for them.  As of this writing I have not heard back from anyone at Monster Cable, nor from the owner of the email address.

Why would someone who supposedly works for a company that is in litigation against Fanny Wang Headphones pretend to be someone else and ask for their distributors?  

I communicated with Tim Hickman, CEO - Fanny Wang Headphone Co., who told us that their distributors have told him that retailers in Belgium and Lebanon were (allegedly) contacted by Monster Cable.  He alleges that in these conversations the retailers were informed that they would not get any 'Beats by Dre' headphones, which are made by Monster Cable, to sell if they carried Fanny Wang products.  There is no word yet on if these retailers will indeed carry Fanny Wang Headphones.  

When asked which retailers these were, Tim was unable to share this information.  According to him the retailers do not wish to go on the record at this time.  The assumption is that if these allegations are true, they do not want to lose any valuable clients or products.

I did ask if the current legal battle with Monster Cable has affected their distribution.  Tim told me, "We have had a few retailers who said they wouldn't carry the product until the court case is over."  

Without being able to contact these retailers directly, or talk with someone at Monster Cable, it is difficult to get down to the bottom of this and see what they make of this.  What we can tell you is that we will continue to monitor the story as it gets closer to the court date.  

I hope that all of this can be resolved between both parties.  Otherwise we're going to end up going back to the old-school headphones with the fabric coverings that flaked away like the stuffing in an old couch.  Or they would tear, which would make the metal and plastic on the headphones scrape at your ears.  No one wants to go through that again.

What say you?

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