Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Cliché Warning: Arnold to be back as 'The Terminator'

CAA today began shopping a rights package for The Terminator franchise with Arnold Schwarzenegger to star. According to Deadline.com, Universal Studios, Sony and Lionsgate are considering the deal.  Robert Cort is producing with Justin Lin being rumored as the director.  

For a brief moment that nerd in me was excited to see Arnold's name attached to "The Terminator' again.  Then I remembered this from a couple of weeks ago:

I can't take him serious as 'The Terminator' again for many reasons, this is one of them.

At this point I would say unless it is an incredibly CG'd version of Arnie, I don't see that it would be smart casting.  Why would the machines create an older body to be their prime killing machine?  Or....call me crazy...but maybe he should be cast as the scientist who created the Terminator prototype in his younger image.  I figure, I might as well give them an idea that won't be as silly as seeing him try to be 'The Terminator' again.

What say you?

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Source: Deadline.com

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  1. I say that I was glad that he finished his run as the "Governator" - I've missed his movies! I'd like to see him do something other than the Terminator. It's not the only action flick he's done - I say go for more!