Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Another Wonder Woman costume change coming

Wonder Woman seems to be going through the the hate/denial relationship with fans that LOST went through in it's entire run.  Meaning people hating what's happening with it, and the makers denying anything is wrong.  

From the awful pilot script being leaked, to the costume changes made, there is a lot of apprehension with this show before it even airs.

One of the biggest complaints as of late was in regards to Wonder Woman's new costume.  By now we all know the story of what happened from there.  The latex look, to the not latex look.  Complaints continued to pile up, even after they made a change to the costume hoping to address some of the complaints. (Here) Well rejoice once again fellow nerds, there is another change coming.

NBC President, Robert Greenblatt, confirmed that Wonder Woman would indeed be in shorts.  According to TV Line, Greenblatt told them that, "...the shorts were always planned."   

I guess Wonder Woman will be seen throughout the episode in variations of the costume...maybe, sorta?  

*SPOILER* He went on to say, "They are actually used in the final confrontation when she beats Vanessa Cale."  Well, at least we know how it ends.  

We all know that TV Executives never lie, but I have a hard time buying that they always planned the different looks for the costume in the episode.  If this were the case, they would have been as excited to show off all the looks in their PR photos.  Instead we see her running down Hollywood Blvd. in tricked out blue khakis.  It's only after those pictures didn't get them the "Hooray!" they were hoping for, that Greenblatt reveals Wonder Woman will be in the shorts for the final fight scene as always planned.    

Now maybe they can make sure she's not crying about Steve Trevor at the always planned. 

What say you?

POPped in shorts...but manly
Jungle Jesse

Source: TV Line 

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  1. Shorts?? Oh yay.
    Le sigh.
    As a Wonder Woman fan, I'm frightened.

  2. Well are they going to be bermudeda shorts? Im really Agashst at the costume...if it aint broke don't fix it....I just heard the is a Charlie's Angels reboot airing this fall soon...why remake the classic if you are going to do a diservice to them? Why don't you go remake Samford in Son or What's happening? oh yeah cause you would make them all like "MaD mEN" AND WHITE!!

  3. @ Anonymous - while I share your trepidation of a Charlie's Angels reboot, I must point out that a reboot is not a remake of the original and this is the case with Charlie's Angels; it will be more along the lines of the film with Drew Barrymore, who is also exec producing. So I go into that with an open mind.

    Also, they did reboot What's Happening in the mid-'80s; What's Happening Now? reunited the original cast (with the exception of Mabel King). It was not good and only lasted 3 seasons, with Fred "Rerun" Berry quiting after season 1 due to not getting a salary increase. No Rerun, no rent.

    As for "SaNfor AND Son" (emphasis for corrective purposes), it was actually based on the '60s British series "Steptoe and Son" and they were indeed white. So I guess that blows your theory. Now a remake starring James Earl Jones as Fred and Tracy Morgan as Lamont and reversing the characters' personalities? I'd watch that.