Tuesday, March 29, 2011

What The App?! - New app makes it so 'Last Night Never Happened'...kinda

Want to forget your memories from last nights debauchery that you posted on Facebook and Twitter?  There's an app for that...

Welcome to: What The App?!?

Just a few years ago we had to worry about a random message we left on a ex's answering machine during a drunken evening.  Then the tech gods let us start typing our inebriated feelings for the ex, which then led to pictures being sent with them too.  From there, the interwebs opened up and we were able to post all of the nights buzzed events over every single social media site with pictures attached.  And that has led to some interesting morning conversation/apologies/firings for many people.

Say hello to 'Last Night Never Happened', the new app from 22 Seeds.  This will let you wipe your posts on Facebook and Twitter that happened on set times.  If you take a look at your posts from last night between 10 and 4 and notice that you criticized your boss while posting pictures of you taking your top off, you can delete them.  But this will delete everything you posted during that time.  So even if you took a picture of an alien partying with a Kardashian and Lindsay Lohan, that will be deleted too.  

It's an interesting idea in today's culture, because I've seen what my drunk text and tweets look like.  It's not that easy to understand.  But we've seen many stories where someone has tweeted something, or put a post on Facebook that has led to them being fired or getting a divorce.  But if you're dumb enough to post something that will get you fired or divorced, perhaps you have other issues you need to deal with.

You can find 'Last Night Never Happened' in the iTunes app store.  Right now they're offering a hangover special and it only costs $.99

So go crazy tonight.  Post and tweet what you want.  Just remember, while this could help get you out of trouble, remember, deleting the post doesn't delete people's memories. 

You can learn more about the app by visiting: http://lastnightapp.com/ 

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