Tuesday, March 8, 2011

'Twilight' at Comic-Con again? Should we be scared?

Earlier today I was sent the link to a story from Crazy4ComicCon about Twilight being at Comic-Con this year, and how we all should just tip the hat to new nerds.  This all came about because rumor broke out over the past week that clips of Breaking Dawn would premiere at Comic-Con this summer.  I know that many of you are now saying that it is true because you read it online.  Yes, I did too.  I read it on fan sites that reference each other as the source of the information.  Then someone said they got official confirmation that it is happening and they were told all the details.  

I reached out to Summit Entertainment today and asked them if this was true and they let me know that they could not comment.  

Will Twilight: Breaking Dawn be at Comic-Con this summer?  Probably.  It would be weird for Summit not to bring it.  Saying that they couldn't comment isn't a no, but it's also not a confirmation with details as others claim to have.  That's neither her nor there.  What this is all really about is Twilight at Comic-Con.

Once the Twilight fans started spreading the rumor that Breaking Dawn footage will be screened, the hate for Twilight re-surfaced across the Twitter-verse.  We've heard it all before.  Ever since, what we like to call, the Twi-Riot of 2009 between the Twitards...and everyone else.  

It all started when the Twilight panel was in Hall H right before the first footage of Avatar was to be screened.  Twilight fans hoping that a real sparkly vampire dude, or wolf dog dude, would sweep them away camped out days before the panel just to be sure they got in.  This meant that the nerd dudes had to wait for the Twilight panel to end so that they would leave and they could then go in.  That's where it got ugly.  (I know because Skiptink and I were caught right in the middle of the insanity that day.)  The Twilight fans did not leave Hall H.  They stayed.  Hoping for another glimpse.  Another shred of possibility that they would be taken away to the world they desperately want to live in.

Quickly Comic-Con regulars began to say that Twilight had ruined the Con.  People began shouting insults at anyone wearing anything Twilight related, and they would shout right back.  But then I witnessed something even crazier.  The Twilight fans turned on each other as well.  Young fans hated older fans, and older fans hated younger fans.  They would argue with each other over who got in line first and why the other age group didn't deserve to be fans.  

The saddest thing that I witnessed, was the mayhem that spilled on to the exhibit floor.  Burger King (the fast food choice of sparkly's and wolf guys) had card board crowns with the characters on them, and they were going to hand them out to the crowd.  This is when I witnessed a young girl (around 9 or 10) get thrown to the ground by a middle-aged lady so that she could get one instead.  This girl was stepped on by a couple of people before the adult with her noticed anything.  I saw a teenage girl pull an older ladies hair for the same reason.  This in the middle of the pure insanity of elbows being thrown and arguments of, "NO....THAT'S MINE!" as Twitards grasped at a card board crown.  (One that they could have also gotten at Burger King a few blocks away.)  

"You're an idiot!  People go crazy over free things there all the time!"

You're right.  Try to be somewhere when they used to hand out a free tote bag or key chain with Smallville or Batman on it.  You would then have people grasping at whatever they could, hoping that the weight of their back pack wouldn't be their downfall.  But when that used to happen, Comic-Con wasn't sold out with wall to wall people.  You would get bumped and elbowed, but no one was out for blood.

It's not the movie franchise being there that's an issue.  Really, it's not.  It's no secret that I am not a fan of the Twilight movies...because they are awful.  (For the record, I'm 'Team The Guy Who Should Have Hit Her With The Truck'.)  But I know that there are other awful things at Comic-Con every year as well.  We have to face it that studios are there to push a product to a certain group of fans that they believe will make it a hit.  It's our own fault for this happening and it doesn't show any signs of changing.

I usually can appreciate a product that can make people, especially females, geeks.  We even have some female staff of our own that like the Twilight movies.  But they are balanced, stable people who were proud geeks before Twilight.  It's the new fans that seem to be the ones getting to people.  Myself included.

Twitards have become a mutated breed of fan.  They don't understand logic, and will tear down who ever stands in between them and fake true love.  

Many a fanboy fantasized about Princess Leia or Wonder Woman, but Twi-tards truly believe in this world.  They believe that an Edward or Jacob is coming for them and don't you dare tell them that it's just a story.  I once spoke with a woman who had divorced her husband because he wasn't like Edward.  (Read that last sentence again.)  That is a whole other level of crazy!  It's one thing to dream about having the power of flight.  It's a whole other level to jump out of an airplane without a parachute.  And having that many delusional people in one area does one of two things.  Makes it easier for us to know where to avoid them.  Or, it helps breed even more crazy in between all the bickering.       

Does this mean I won't be going to Comic-Con?  Hell no!  But be warned Twitards... we've learned your tricks, know your weaknesses and people in Hall H have pencils.

What say you?

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