Thursday, March 10, 2011

Shield your eyes! A new trailer for 'The Smurfs' hits

Today Columbia/Sony released a new trailer for their live action movie 'The Smurfs'.  I highly recommend not watching it.  No.  Really.  It's awful.  Why?  Where do I start.  Let's start with how many times the word "smurf" is used.  We get it, they replace words with smurf.  But in the amount of times I heard it in the trailer, I wanted to smurf myself in the head.  Then there's the CGI.  It's really bad.  We're talking Twilight CGI bad.  It's one thing to have CGI created characters in a movie, but if it's not an animated movie you should try to make your characters photo-realistic.  

Some of you may be thinking that it can't be that bad.  If you have the stomach, see for yourselves.

With the awful dialogue and everything else that just doesn't make it appealing, this will probably be a hit with kids.  Because kids are dumb.

What say you?

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