Thursday, March 17, 2011

'Red Riding Hood' spoof much better. Here comes Alison Haislip in 'Locks of Gold'

Red Riding Hood was a joke, wasn't it?  It had to be.  No one could have been serious when someone stood up in a room and said, "Let's make a live action version of 'Little Red Riding Hood', but we'll make it like that Twilight thing all the kids love."  

They even hired the director of the first Twilight movie (Catherine Hardwicke), proving that she has only one director mode.  Crap.  

Well, Drama 3/4 decided to show that the Red Riding Hood just looked ridiculous.  How did they do that?  By bringing us a live action version of the famous trespassing story of 'Goldilocks and The Three Bears' in Locks of Gold.

Okay, hilarious.  But this was hilarious on purpose.  Alison Haislip as 'Goldie' has never been awesomer (read: HOTTER).  She brought the right balance of knowing it was a parody, but playing it serious.  Did I mention she looked great AND she made out with a girl?  (It's as if a million nerds cried out, and were suddenly silenced.)  But besides all of that, it really is a great spoof.  The gang at Drama 3/4 have nailed it with this one.  Congrats!  

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POPped with Goldie
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