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Limited edition 'Dorothy of Oz' comic to debut at WonderCon

Dorothy of Oz limited edition comic

In 2012, the animated 3D movie Dorothy of Oz will hit the screen.  It tells the story of what happens in Kansas when Dorothy returns.  The events there lead to Dorothy being transported back to Oz to find things have changed there as well.  But we are hoping that the changes are not as trippy as the 1985 movie Return to Oz, because that was one seriously weird movie.

Before the release of Dorothy of Oz, five books will be released to help bridge the story from the original story of the Wizard of Oz.  Here is the official press release:

SAN FRANCISCO (March 24, 2011) – Fans of the beloved “Oz” franchise will get a glimpse of the Emerald City with the official unveiling of the DOROTHY OF OZ, limited edition comic book Saturday, April 2 at San Francisco’s 2011 WonderCon.

The comic, produced by publishers IDW and Summertime Entertainment, is the first in a series of five progressive books carefully designed to bridge the gap from the classic L. Frank Baum “Wonderful Wizard of Oz” tale to the upcoming 2012 release of the animated DOROTHY OF OZ, based on the book by his great-grandson Roger Stanton Baum.

“There’s a lot of overlap in the worlds of Oz-lovers and Comic book fans, so we figured this was an ideal medium to help set the story framework for where next year’sDOROTHY OF OZ film will begin,” said DOROTHY OF OZ Transmedia Producer James Jones. “The comic series will continue to reveal what happened in Oz once the wicked witch was gone, and its people fell under the control of a new menacing villain. The film will essentially pick up where the last comic left off.”

Ten lucky Ozians who can’t make the voyage to San Francisco will also win the comic in an exclusive Facebook Fan contest. Entrants must submit a personal video explaining in 60 seconds or less why they are excited about DOROTHY OF OZ and why they are the biggest OZ-fans on Facebook. It will run worldwide from Wednesday, March 30 through Wednesday,April 6.

The animated feature film stars Lea Michele (“Dorothy”), Martin Short (“The Jester”), Jim Belushi (“The no-longer Cowardly Lion”), Dan Aykroyd (“Scarecrow”), Kelsey Grammer (“The Tin Man”), Oliver Platt (“Wiser the Owl”), Hugh Dancy (“Marshall Mallow”), Megan Hilty (“China Princess”) and Patrick Stewart (“Tugg”).

In addition, Summertime Entertainment will belaunching a fully immersive, interactive virtual world called “Adventure in Oz.” The platform will offer children and adults a virtual land to play games and learn throughout several new, unseen corners of Oz, while introducing them to the wholesome characters their parents already know and love.

Oz is one of the most beloved franchises of all time, and we’re thrilled to help carry it on for a new generation through multiple modern-day platforms,” said Ryan Carroll, Summertime Entertainment’s head and Producer of DOROTHY OF OZ. “We believe that between a new comic book series, a 3D animated musical film, and an online virtual world, fans of all ages and countries will be able to enjoy Oz as it’s never quite been experienced before.”

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While at WonderCon we'll see if we can get our hands on one of these comics to let you know what to expect.

What say you?  

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